Lee Bolman and Isa Genzken frames

Lee Bolman.

Frames by Isa Genzken at Museum of Modern Art. Photo by Joan Gallos

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Reframing Organizations, 5th edition

The fifth edition of Reframing Organizations is out, and available in paperback,Reframing 5th ed. Coverhardcover and digital editions at major booksellers.  The four frames remain the heart of the book, and the chapter structure is the same as in the 4th edition, but we've edited and added new cases and research throughout to capture the state of knowledge and practice about organizations and leadership in 2013.  The frames help in understanding, for example, why Steve Jobs needed to fail before he could succeed, and how Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Howard Schultz (Starbucks) can share an obsession with perfecting the customer experience yet have very different ideas about how to achieve that goal.  There's a new online frames instrument, and a new video in which Terry Deal and I talk about the 5th edition.

Leading with Soul, 3rd edition

Leading with Soul, 3rd ed.The third edition of Leading with Soul came out in August, 2012. Terry Deal and I have explored the book's timeless spiritual message in the context of a different world than we lived in  when the previous edition was published  in 2001. We've updated to reflect the impact of the economic, political and technological shifts of the last decade, added new material on corporate citizenship and social responsibility,  and worked hard to make the book an even more compelling read.  You can find both the hard cover and Kindle editions on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  There's also a link to the book on the Jossey-Bass site.

Reframing Academic Leadership

Bolman & Gallos, Reframing Academic LeadershipMy book with Joan Gallos, Reframing Academic Leadership  (Jossey-Bass), is now available in both hardbound and digital format.  Click for Amazon, KindleBarnes & Noble or Nookbook We have received feedback from many college and university administrators who find it a readable, intellectually provocative, and pragmatic guide to leadership in the academy. 








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